Last Shot

Community-submitted photographs and backstories that are the perfect image of living on Bainbridge Island.

The Convocation

“Our children were young when we moved here, the youngest was 5,” said photographer Sue Larkin, whose family of five has been on the island since 2000. “And from day one, we were able to watch from our home a pair of eagles live, raise young and take first flights. We are all wildlife enthusiasts.” […]


The school district might have had to cancel school for four days due to snow, but January 2020’s snowfall didn’t deter this hummingbird from commuting to its local diner. Bainbridge Island resident Carolyn Leigh snapped this shot as she walked by her dining room window, marveling at how the hummingbirds were working their beaks through […]

My Brother’s Keeper

“Every February we get a little run of nice sunny days that make me hopeful for spring,” said Bonnie Matcho, who snapped this keeper of her boys, London and Leo, who were 8 and 6 at the time. “This was one of those days. After months of cabin fever and what felt like constant sibling […]

Everyone Loves a Parade

Especially when it’s an adorable lineup of baby geese. Islander Douglas Walch, who took this photo, said that since moving to Bainbridge from Hawaii in February (the night before the Snowmageddon storm!) he and his wife, Debbie, had been taking weekly beach strolls near their rented cottage on Hedley Spit at Point Monroe. “One afternoon […]

An i For Beauty

You may recognize the photography of Pam Sproul from the stunning photos she freely shares on the Bainbridge Islanders Facebook page. But what you might not know is that she captures many of the images simply with the camera on her iPhone. This particular keeper, entitled “Boathouse Reflections,” features the iconic wooden shelter on the […]

A Day of Firsts

On Sunday, October 14, at 5:20 a.m., on the first ferry of the day, Bainbridge Island Rowing’s 103 – person junior crew team—along with its rig loaded with 11 shells—headed off to the Everett Rowing club for this season’s first regatta. Four clubs competed in the event and Bainbridge finished first in a few of […]

Bee Season

Photographing flowers and bees—and particularly bees on flowers—is part hobby, part therapy for islander Cindy Dorman. After she suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 2013, Dorman attended a seminar on mindfulness at the Dayaalu Center, taught by Dr. Cezanne Allen, to help calm her senses. The mindfulness-based stress reduction practice […]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Bruce Macdougall snapped this unusual photo on the beach outside his parents’ home on South Beach where they’ve lived since 1978. “Until this past winter, we never saw the bedrock this exposed,” said Bruce, but during an extremely low tide, he and his sister, Alison Lampe (a trained archaeologist), spotted the embedded concretion—a compact mass […]

Four Acres of Sovereign Soil

On December 10, after six months and more than 78,000 miles at sea, the USS Nimitz returned to Sinclair Inlet in Bremerton, and island native Cori O’Brien captured this moving shot as the aircraft carrier made its way through Rich Passage. Nimitz had been in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and the Arabian Gulf visiting Hawaii, Sri […]

On the Bubble

Felicia Ann Burzell captured this last shot of summer of her daughter, Karolina (8), blowing bubbles against the sunset at a Point White beach on Labor Day. The family was celebrating both the holiday and the return of Karolina and her brother, Jack Kasper (10), from a month-long summer camp on the North Carolina coast. […]

Pretty Biddy

Enjoying a meal together is arguably one of life’s sweetest pleasures. Islander Meg Gaffney recently captured such a moment between her daughter, Emery, and Emery’s three-month-old hen, Jeanne. The Gaffneys moved to the island a little over a year ago and got their first flock of chickens this spring from Bay Hay & Feed. Jeanne, […]

Pipe Dreams

It took numerous times driving past the 8-foot galvanized storm detention pipes by Walgreens and ProBuild before retired architect Robert Wagoner could no longer resist the corrugated eye candy. “I particularly love taking images that are abstractions of reality, making the viewer wonder what was captured in the photo and illustrating the place/object/image in a […]

Dashing Through the Snow

There’s a magical hush that falls over Bainbridge on those rare winter days when the temperatures drop and the flakes fly. The beauty inspires many islanders to capture the ethereal moments. Geneva Waite shot this keeper of Delphi, her ivory 16-year-old Andalusian mare, a present from her husband, Abraham. Delphi was pulled from a kill […]

I Spy With My Little Eye

BHS student and Spartronics robotics team member Gabe Travis snapped this amazing shot of the Hall’s Hill Labyrinth with his drone. If you look closely, you can spot Travis himself smack dab in the center. Shortly after he took this  picture, a woman asked the young photog if would refrain from flying while she and […]

Lady and the Tramp

On an island that can take casual to a whole new level, it’s refreshing to cross paths with our own Lady Katherine Iverson and her well-heeled companion and medic alert dog, Desi. Although Iverson is always dressed to the nines and more often than not adorned with pearls, it’s the mop-like pooch—a sweet-tempered Havanese whose […]

Do These Tires Make Me Look Fat?

Forget Baker Hill. Put Arrow Point in your rearview mirror. For islander Dave Parker and his girlfriend Wendy Carter, the beach is the place to bike all 53 sandy, soggy and Sound view miles of it. Road bikes and touring bikes don’t cut it on the sand, but fat bikes, with their wide, low-pressure tires […]

Toddler Train

When we sent regular contributing photographer Steve Stolee out on assignment for our story on the history of Winslow Way, we didn’t know he’d run into some of our youngest history makers while he was in the field. But take one look at them, and you can see he had no choice but to snap […]

Land Before Time

Eagles soaring overhead, geoducks burrowing in the sand, a shiny seal head poking out of the waves—wildlife sightings like these are not that uncommon here. But imagine walking along the beach at Fay Bainbridge and seeing a dinosaur in the distance? We know the island is magical, but time travel? Once Kelly Hawpe and her […]

Cone Zone

A new lunchbox or backpack might be on the list for your kindergartener’s first day of school. So why is little Eliza Hinchcliffe holding a shiny paper cone that’s bigger than she is? “My daughter Eliza will be starting kindergarten this year. Her great-grandma, ‘Oma Gila,’ will be passing on a German tradition,” explained Eliza’s […]

Hi, Tide

As you come around the head of the bay on Eagle Harbor Drive, you might find mud flats or lapping waves, depending on the time of day. Kayakers and boaters who live along that waterfront stretch have to watch the tide tables lest they get stranded. For islander Harry Longstreet, these front row seats were […]

Quacking Up

There may be no more iconic image of springtime on Bainbridge than this photo taken by Andy Harrah. “I took this picture on a walk at Battle Point Park with my wife, Tracey, and our two-year-old daughter, Juliet. It started to lightly rain and we watched a group of 12 ducklings follow their mama out […]

Whole Hog

Drive by the popular Madison Diner on any given day and you’ll typically see a parking lot full of Prii and Leafs—it is Bainbridge, after all. So imagine how surprising it was to see this herd of “hogs” arrayed out front. Diner owner Cyndi Moody got the shot while making sure the hungry riders of […]

Point, Shoot, Eat

Between Yelp and Instagram, food photography is everywhere. And this custom isn’t limited to the U.S., as photographer Rick Gordon recently found out. Gordon shot this photo when he was taking pictures at the welcome picnic held for a group of Japanese students visiting Bainbridge for a summer exchange trip. “I was walking by and […]

Beach Baby

As a professional photographer, Meghan Lawson has quite a collection of “baby pictures.” But when she sent us this one, we went into cuteness overload. Those chubby cheeks, those yummy arms—we could go on. But we’ll just let Meghan tell the story. “Seven-month-old Ruby was fascinated with the sand when we took her out to […]

Mother’s Day

Living on the beautiful south end of the island means easy access to the beach at Fort Ward—a favorite family destination for Alex Sanso, her partner Dawn Weaver and their 10-year-old son Kai Sanso-Weaver. When her partner and son were able to clamber up onto an ancient log due to perfect tidal timing, Sanso managed […]

Say Cheese

With a son who’s an administrator at the Bloedel Reserve, Kurt Bischoff already has plenty of photos of the beautiful gardens and grounds. In this shot, Bischoff captured beauty of another kind. “Earlier this year, on a cool spring day, my family, including our two grandsons, Calder (9) and Garner (4), were taking a guided […]

Shoot the Moon

When the super moon rises over South Beach, Patti Fenchuk is on high alert. “My kids gave me a low light lens for Christmas and I’ve had great fun shooting without a tripod,” she said. Her home’s lofty elevation over Puget Sound allows for lots of photo ops, such as pictures of the “pinkish glow […]

Girls of Summer

No one appreciates summer as much as a sleep-deprived high schooler. So creating a high school photo contest for this issue’s “Last Shot” felt (almost) as right as an ice cream cone on a hot day. We received over 30 submissions from BHS digital photography students and couldn’t resist this shot by junior October Yates, […]

Locks of Love

As islander Ann Reis explained, “I had just been in Paris where I had seen and admired the Bridge of Locked Love, a bridge festooned with hundreds of locks.” So when she noticed a lock clamped on to the chain link fence on the Marion Street pedestrian overpass in Seattle, she was inspired to add […]

Polar Excess

There’s no question how the Satterwhite family choo-chooses to show their holiday spirit. Their huge holiday lighted village and toy train display includes more than 1,000 pieces, with the main attraction being the beautiful Lionel Polar Express O Gauge train. Rob Satterwhite is the chief engineer and repairman, while his wife Dinah (the official photographer) […]

Rock the Beach

When we received this pic from local photographer Isaac Elon, we thought he’d just returned from Middle earth. Turned out, he didn’t have to travel that far to get this dreamy shot. “I’ve heard many Bainbridge Island residents refer to Rockaway Beach as ‘a mini beach with many rocks,’” Elon said. “However, when the tide […]

Coup de Grace

For the Dozeman sisters, Grace, 9, and Lena, 6, this picture (snapped via Instagram by their mom, Maria) might be considered marketing material. That’s because the two girls run a thriving egg business fueled by their flock of 14 chickens. “Grace enjoys it, and Lena can talk chickens with anybody,” says Maria. And the coop’s […]