Everyone Loves a Parade

Especially when it’s an adorable lineup of baby geese. Islander Douglas Walch, who took this photo, said that since moving to Bainbridge from Hawaii in February (the night before the Snowmageddon storm!) he and his wife, Debbie, had been taking weekly beach strolls near their rented cottage on Hedley Spit at Point Monroe.

“One afternoon we observed two Canada geese ferrying their gaggle of five goslings toward the shore,” he said. “I happened to have my camera along and was fortunate to get a good shot of the gang of five storming the beach.” The Walches later learned the goslings were hatched in a neighbor’s flowerpot.

Walch enjoys photography and creating digital art and is looking forward to finding a venue to showcase his work at the First Friday Art Walks. We think he has an excellent shot.

Everyone Loves a Parade

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