Bainbridge Island Maps

With the provided Bainbridge Island maps, it’s easy to plan the perfect getaway to Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Bainbridge Island maps provide you with all the information you need to navigate and explore the island’s top attractions.

To kickstart your planning, you’ll discover all the top attractions and exciting ideas on the Bainbridge Island maps to get you started on the right foot.

Bainbridge Island has it all. From stunning mountains and serene forests to picturesque lakes and breathtaking views of Puget Sound, there’s something for everyone.

By using the Bainbridge Island maps, you can easily locate and explore these incredible attractions. Whether you’re interested in exploring the charming downtown Winslow, visiting the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, or taking a scenic hike in the beautiful Bloedel Reserve, these Bainbridge Island maps will guide you every step of the way.

So, download these Bainbridge Island maps and start planning your unforgettable adventure on this beautiful island and create lasting memories.

Download the Map

Download and print the free Bainbridge Island downtown map to see walking, shopping and food/drink information in the downtown area of Bainbridge Island, WA.

Bainbridge Island Touring Maps

Bainbridge Island Walk About Brochure [PDF 1.4MB]

Advice When in Bainbridge Island

During peak tourist season, free advice and resources including maps, brochures and regional information can be found at the Visitor Center kiosk at the ferry terminal in Bainbridge Island.

Additionally, free advice and resources including maps, brochures and regional information can be found at the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce office during normal working hours.

Bainbridge Island Parks

Below is a map displaying all Bainbridge Island Parks. Click on a green park to see more details and pictures of that park.

Bainbridge Island Parks

west port madison Fay Bainbridge Park Hidden Cove Park Hidden Cove Ballfields Manzanita Park Ted Olson Nature Preserve Meigs Park Grand Forest Battle Point Park Aquatics Center Strawberry Hill Park Gazzam Lake Preserve Sands Avenue Ballfields Rotary Park Aaron Tot Lot Hawley Cove Park Waterfront Park Gideon Park Prichard Park Eagledale Park Rockaway Beach Park Blakely Harbor Park Fort Ward Park Camp Yeomalt

Bainbridge Island Waterfront Trail Map

Produced by the Waterfront Trail Committee and the Association of Bainbridge Communities, the Bainbridge Island Waterfront Trail Map offers people two opportunities to walk along scenic Eagle Harbor, each offering distinctive views of island history and habitat.

The western loop includes parks, restaurants, marinas and a chance to view some of the island’s historic sites and trees. People usually walk the 2-mile loop in about an hour. Ample shortcuts are available for those pressed for time.
The eastern loop goes through a residential neighbor- hood and then along the beach at Hawley Cove, ending with a path into a wooded area. For most walkers, the 1.5 mile round trip takes less than an hour.

Bicycles can be rented near the ferry terminal, as can an assortment of boats at Waterfront Park. Coffee cafes and restaurants abound along the western Waterfront Trail. A grocery store and picnic benches can be found for those who would rather pack their own. (The grocery will even recycle your empty bottles.)

Bainbridge Island Waterfront Trail Map [PDF 2.3MB]

Bainbridge Island Guide to Walking, Cycling & Paddling

Produced by the City’s Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee, this is the first map to show all the public trails on Bainbridge, and includes four map insets for the most recently developed trails. Recommended kayak launch points and other shore access areas are shown, as well as the mean low tide. Selected photos show the variety of users and scenery across the island.

Traffic volumes and shoulder widths are shown for primary roads, allowing people to choose the sort of routes they prefer based on their own skill and interests. Chevrons mark the steeper grades, and contour lines give a feel for the lay of the land.

The Bainbridge community supports active transportation and recreation. We take pride in our “Bainbridge Shares the Road” signs proclaiming a culture of mutual courtesy and safety among people using all modes of transportation: pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, people with disabilities and equestrians.

This map celebrates the collaboration between the City, Park District, Open Space Commission, and Bainbridge Island Land Trust, as well as numerous donors and volunteers who are actively growing our system of greenways.

Bainbridge Island Guide To Walking Cycling Paddling Full Island Picture

Bainbridge Island Guide To Walking Cycling Paddling [PDF 5.1MB]

Trail Maps

Fold-Out All Trail Map
Battle Point Park
Blakely Hills Trail Map
Cross Island Trail
Downtown Corridor
Eagledale to Fort Ward Trail
Fay Bainbridge Park
Fort Ward Park
Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve
Grand Forest Trails (Hilltop Trail and McRedmond Trail)
Hawley Cove Trail
Hidden Cove Trails
John Nelson Trail
Manzanita Trail
Moritani Preserve
Pritchard Park Trail Map
Sakai Park Trail Map
Ted Olson Nature Preserve