Bainbridge Island Magazine

Bainbridge Island magazine was published in print from 2012 through 2020, and was the area’s definitive city periodical.

The intent was to inform, entertain and engage readers in an effort to foster enthusiasm for our unique city and highlight the many wonderful stories there are to tell about the island.

The magazine was a beautiful, glossy, coffee-table quality magazine that you will be proud to show your family and visitors at your home or business.

From captivating stories on island organizations, to profiles of intriguing people, to listings of restaurants and events—and much more—Bainbridge Island tells the story of our home.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the print magazine was discontinued.

Most of the content from previous magazines has been converted to online content that can be accessed by clicking on these links:

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Past Issue Covers

In Every Print Issue We Published

Behind the Scenes

Meet the magazine's contributing writers and photographers who bring a unique point of view to the magazine's storytelling.

The Rest of the Story

Postscripts and corrections to past issues.

We've Got Answers

Interesting and insightful answers to the island's nagging queries and quirks.

The Buzz

Bite-size, behind-the-scenes editorials about local personalities, businesses and nonprofits.

Ten Minutes With

A short and sweet Q&A designed to dish on the island's most intriguing personalities.

Featured Story

An in-depth expose about the people and organizations impacting our community.

Featured Home

A look inside some of Bainbridge's most remarkable homes, the people who live there, and the architects, designers and builders who bring the projects to life.

On the Town

From galas to get-togethers to gatherings at galleries, get the scoop on the who, what, when, where and why of the island's recent events.

Bainbridge Eats

Whet your appetite with profiles about the island's eateries, talented chefs and not-to-be-missed recipes.

Out and About

Need something to do? Check out our short list of events and outings.

Last Shot

Reader-submitted photographs and backstories that are the perfect sign-off to each issue.

Send Us a Story Idea!

Bainbridge Island Magazine welcomes your contributions and we love receiving editorial ideas from our community!

Those who wish to pitch or submit articles to Bainbridge Island Magazine are strongly encouraged to send brief pitches (200 words or less) rather than full-length articles. Please briefly summarize your article proposal, the “angle,” and your relevant experience. We do not accept “sponsored posts” or articles or parts of articles that have been published elsewhere.

Even if your pitch is just an idea that you don’t want to write, but have an idea you would like written about and or maybe a suggestion for a writer, we’d love to hear from you.

Submissions can be sent to the Bainbridge Island editorial team using our editorial submission form.

Advertising Information

As a result of the limitations and shutdowns necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending the creation, printing and distribution of our print magazine. We hope to continue production when the economic conditions for businesses on Bainbridge Island allow.

For our business partners, learn about advertising on or contact our sales team. reaches more than 9,000 unique visitors per month during these pandemic times and it will be even greater in the summer and as restrictions loosen.

Reaching more than 10,000 households and businesses per issue (estimated 30,000+ readers), this rural lifestyle magazine brims with creative and intelligently written columns, personality profiles, useful resource guides and intriguing features. Bainbridge Island captures the attention of our readers with insightful articles that keep them up-to-date—from a lifestyle perspective.

In both content and style, Bainbridge Island aggressively targets a readership of financially successful, well-educated, well-traveled professionals who are in the prime of their lives and at the peak of personal consumption. Top companies in Bainbridge Island and throughout the United States choose Bainbridge Island magazine as an advertising venue because of our presence throughout the island, love by readers and effective direct mail distribution.

Delivered quarterly for free to every household and business on Bainbridge Island, with additional distribution through participating stores, subscriptions, real estate brokers, visitors bureaus and events.

Superior photography and design complement the high level of editorial craftsmanship, guaranteeing widespread exposure—to residents and visitors, on coffee tables and in waiting rooms.

We offer various advertising sizes, special placements, and innovative options (such as blow-ins, post-it note stick-ons, and full magazine wraps) and can offer payment plans to fit any budget.

To learn more about advertising opportunities in Bainbridge Island Magazine or online at, please download our media kit or contact our sales manager, Renee Petheram, at (206) 494-0335 x701 or by email at renee at

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Because we offer a digital edition of Bainbridge Island magazine that allows your organization to link directly to a specific page within each issue, we typically do not provide reprints due to the design costs. However, please feel free to contact us for a PDF reprint quote.

You can purchase extra copies of the current issue of the magazine at our favorite bookstore, Eagle Harbor Book Co. The bookstore will also take orders and mail copies if you call them.