My Brother’s Keeper

“Every February we get a little run of nice sunny days that make me hopeful for spring,” said Bonnie Matcho, who snapped this keeper of her boys, London and Leo, who were 8 and 6 at the time. “This was one of those days. After months of cabin fever and what felt like constant sibling bickering, it was great to get outside and move.” During their walk at Gazzam Lake, Matcho took the photo with her phone because she wanted to show her husband that the kids were actually getting along. “It turns out they were conspiring on how to get me to take them to Walt’s for candy afterwards. Of course I took them.” Matcho said it wasn’t until much later that she noticed the dramatic effect of the sunlight filtering through the trees. She’s since printed a copy of the photo to display in their home. “I feel fortunate to have Bainbridge and its beauty as a backdrop to our family’s moments, even if I don’t notice it right away!”

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