Dashing Through the Snow

There’s a magical hush that falls over Bainbridge on those rare winter days when the temperatures drop and the flakes fly. The beauty inspires many islanders to capture the ethereal moments. Geneva Waite shot this keeper of Delphi, her ivory 16-year-old Andalusian mare, a present from her husband, Abraham. Delphi was pulled from a kill pen in Sunny Side, Washington, before relocating to her forever home on the island alongside the couple’s other three white horses. Delphi bares two brands, an 81 (her number from her rodeo days as a bucking horse) and the brand of an Andalusian. Waite describes Delphi as feisty and opinionated, very, very fat, easily plied by a carrot, and untroubled by the snow. Yay to the neigh!