What’s Going on in the Yurt on Knechtel Way?

By Leigh Calvez

When we think of yurts, those round conical structures with brown vinyl covers, we usually think of studio spaces, detached home offices or very small residences. We don’t often think of 98-degree, above-ground saltwater swimming pools. But that is exactly what is inside the yurt at 164 Knechtel Way. In 2002, Dr. Julie Rosenblatt, local chiropractor and owner of Integrated Wellness Center, experienced her first Watsu session. Watsu is a combination of therapies like massage, stretching and shiatsu performed in warm saltwater to facilitate deep relaxation and reduce pain while increasing mobility and flexibility.

She knew immediately how she could integrate the new aquatic therapy with her own chiropractic style. “The work was so amazing, I wanted people to experience it,” Rosenblatt said. After taking courses to become a certified Watsu practitioner, Rosenblatt opened “Healing Waters” pool, the only warm saltwater pool of its kind in the area. In addition to the aquatic therapy offered, the in-yurt pool supports core-fitness classes and qigong practice. Local swim-lesson whisperer Kathy Cooper also teaches young children there. Do you Watsu? Maybe you should.

What’s Going on in the Yurt on Knechtel Way