Who Created the Stacked Stone Man on Miller Rd?

By Peter Ferguson

Although islander Ethan Currier has been working with rocks for 15 years, his best-known statue, “Counter Balance,” stands tall, in a striking tree yoga pose, at the corner of Day and Miller roads.

Currier chose the iconic yoga pose for its naturally stable shape and also because it creates an illusion of movement. Currier specializes in the use of natural stones, stacking and sculpting them into human-like poses around the island.

“By using uncut stone I hope to bring out the natural beauty of the granite,” he said. The sculpture’s peculiar location is not its first. Previously the figure stood on Blakely Rock at the mouth of Eagle Harbor, where it could be seen by ferry-goers.

Currier wanted to inspire a feeling of child-like whimsy in all who saw it. Unfortunately, in 2013 the sculpture was either knocked down or fell down and as a result needed a new home.

Thankfully, “Counter Balance” found its current coordinates roadside at the bustling corner where it continues to bring a smile to lucky passersby.