Where Do You Sit On the Ferry?

By Terry Murphy

As It Turns Out, where you sit on the ferry says a lot about you.

For instance, are you social or solitary? Do you like to play card games or gossip?

For Dawna Munson, her ferry friends are like family. They gather midsection, near the bow of the boat. “It’s the place where everyone knows your name,” she said. “This is our ‘Cheers.’”

On the upper deck, Colin Sawyer, a recent island resident, finds the “quiet room” an oasis. “My commute is a time to read and sort my thoughts,” he said.

Others, like Cathy Zimmerman, prefer the port side to keep the city in view. “I can see how close we are to Seattle, so I can get down to my motorcycle.”

Over in the galley, Robie Russell compared commuters to canines. “Sometimes I think we’re just like dogs, marking our territory,” he said. His pack sits at the same corner table every morning.

Other patrons prefer the galley in the evening for libations and laughs. Between sips of beer, Mark Demman said about himself and his gang: “We sit here because no one else will talk to us.” The group erupted in laughter; clearly, these guys were having a lot of fun after a long day in the city.

Where Do You Sit On the Ferry