Where Are the Spookiest Spots on Bainbridge?

By Erin Jennings

One Problem with ghosts is you can’t call them up and ask where they’re located. They’re not on Facebook or Yelp or any of the other modern-day resources we use. But if you poke around Bainbridge, it won’t take much to get spooked at a couple of island spots.

Fort Ward and its gun batteries are no longer capable of firing shots, but they do fire your creative juices. Walk up the cement steps and pause. Can you hear soldiers’ footsteps echoing along the walkway? And was that a tree branch that brushed your cheek, or something else? Even spookier are the bunkers hidden partway up the hill from the parking lot. Descend into the dark rooms below ground and notice your heart start racing as moths, disturbed by your presence, fliten masse through the doorway.

The Moran School, located near Rolling Bay, is boarded up and fenced but is perhaps the best location for your Halloween selfie—that is if you’re brave enough to get out of your car. Built in 1922 as a private boys’ school, the now crumbling stucco facade looks like it could be the location for a horror movie.

The Madison Diner, with its burgers and fries, could serve you a fright along with your milkshake. Employees claim the diner’s first owner, Harry Muchnick, likes to play jokes on them and has been accused of calling their names late at night. We suggest they rustle up a platter of salmon hash and eggs for their resident ghost. Nothing scary about that.

Fort Ward Bunkers

The Madison Diner, Bainbridge Island