Where Are the Island’s Off-Leash Dog Parks?

By J. Danielle Chang

Currently two parks provide your friendly pooch a place to freely run and romp, sans leash.

The first, Strawberry Hill Dog Park, is located north off High School Road just west of Sands Avenue. It is set in a wooded area with soft dirt and wood chips.

Eagledale Dog Park on Rose Avenue is smaller and sits on top of a nice grassy hill next to the Relationship Labyrinth, just up the path from the Eagledale pottery studio.

Sections at both locations can get a little muddy, so bring a towel for dirty paws. Both parks have water faucets and bowls so pups can stay hydrated.

A third location is in the works. According to park services director Dan Hamlin, “Pritchard Park is currently under COBI management and off-leash use is allowed. However, it hasn’t been designated as an official off-leash area.” After transfer to the district, it will consider making the park a sanctioned off-leash site. Until then, Hamlin cautioned that owners are liable for their dog’s actions and encourages responsible park use to ensure enjoyment for all.

City ordinance requires dogs to be on a leash no longer than six feet in length while in all other parks on the island, on any school district property, in the Lynwood Neighborhood Service Center, and in the Winslow area which is loosely marked by the boundaries of Eagle Harbor, Madison Avenue, High School Road and Ferncliff Avenue.

Where Are the Island’s Off-Leash Dog Parks?