No Crowds

Bainbridge Island offers serenity.

Bainbridge Island Battle Point Park
Bainbridge Island Battle Point Park
Lytle Beach on Bainbridge Island
Lytle Beach on Bainbridge Island

You won’t get stuck in a crowded scene with masses of people on this island, unless of course you’re at the annual Easter Egg Scramble or the Grand Old Fourth of July parade. Most of us live here for the island’s marvelous mixture of peacefulness and culture, space and community.

Bainbridge Island has a population of 23,380 people (2010 census) living on its 27 square miles, surrounded by 53 miles of shoreline. We have space to breathe, to walk, to hike.

Island commercial growth has been focused on two areas: downtown Winslow and the southern Lynwood Center. There you’ll find a concentrated development of commercial and residential use. This plan leaves the remainder of the island residential, with rolling hills, larger lots for houses, mature trees and streets with a “country roads” feel.


Spacious Living on Bainbridge Island
Spacious Living on Bainbridge Island

Without the crowds, we also have less of the noise and traffic issues that go along with a higher population. We feel obligated to warn you that once you start living on Bainbridge in this peaceful environment, you may never sleep easily in a big city again!

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