What’s the Best Hike on Bainbridge Island?

What's the best hike on Bainbridge Island?

Bainbridge is chock full of trails and paths to enjoy! From trails going in and out of the downtown area to entirely forested or beach walks, it’s so hard to choose a favorite.

If you nudged us a little, we’d confess we’re pretty enamored with the latest addition to our trail system, the Hilltop property. Sitting high on the island (hence the “Hilltop” name), this 31-acre piece of land connects two parts of our lush Grand Forest and includes a few old growth Western Cedar trees which are spectacular to see up close.


What's the best hike on Bainbridge Island?

With this link in the trail chain, for about a 5.5 mile hike you can park at wonderful Battle Point Park, walk or run the loop, enjoy the duck pond, the amazing, volunteers-built playground, and then take the Forest-to-Sky trail straight into the Grand Forest where you then head up to the Hilltop area.

For a quicker visit to the great outdoors, skip Battle Point Park and use one of the parking lots in the Grand Forest. The forest has an entire network of trails (remember which way you came!) to fit the trail length of your choosing, with a bit of flat and hilly terrain for variety.

Lace up those boots and get going! Find your own favorite island trail!