What Has Been T&C’s Biggest Challenge With the Remodel?

By Dinah Satterwhite

We thought the answer would be wrangling the magical elves who were seemingly reinventing the store every night for months. But when we asked T&C’s marketing rep, Susan Allen, she made no mention of the elves. “Simply wanting it to be a good experience for our community—taking care of their everyday needs while also keeping on schedule.”

The closest thing to magical elves would be the two men Allen did single out for recognition. “It really comes down to people working together, and while there are so many to acknowledge, the two who literally hold down the fort in the market are Rick Pedersen, the market director, and Clay Hubbell from Abbott Construction, who work through daily challenges of parking, heat, systems (think refrigeration) and the constant movement of foods and prep areas throughout the store. It was actually quite miraculous that we were able to open the doors each morning.”

The most optimistic projection could see the store’s remodel being completed by the time you read this; it should certainly be finished by the end of summer. Over 5,000 square feet of retail space was added, including two indoor seating areas, two express checkout stands, expanded food service and deli area with pizza oven, new coolers, and new, better-designed checkout stands. And the iconic reader board? It’s already back in use and better than ever.

Bainbridge Island Town & Country Market