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What are fun island activities for young children?

What are fun island activities for young children on Bainbridge Island?

Bainbridge Island’s award-winning schools attract many families. Some may not even have school-aged children yet when they relocate here. So in between feedings and nap times, what do those youngest of islanders do to have a good time here?

For a small community, Bainbridge has an extraordinary amount of program selections for toddlers and preschool-aged children. Here are just a few options:

  • The Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation Department offers many art, swimming, gymnastics and music classes for youngsters. New schedules come out seasonally.
  • Bainbridge also has two dance centers that offer classes for three- and four-year-olds, Bainbridge Ballet and Bainbridge Dance Center.
  • To get those little legs running and climbing (and tuckered out for nap time), try a visit to Waterfront Park, behind Town & Country Market. The play structure is mostly aimed at the smaller set and even has a baby seat swing. You can easily combine your grocery run and post office errands with a trip to the park. And get an island map to try out all the other fabulous parks and trails.
  • When the weather gets too rough for even the toughest of islanders, little children head to KiDiMu, our Kids’ Discovery Museum. In addition to a fun-filled on-going exhibit of grocery store, doctor’s office and treehouse, KiDiMu always has artistic crafts and classes for the young child.
  • If you need a place to drop-off your little one, check out Peacock Family Center. Not only do they offer child care, but they have a special learning programs for children (and a few for parent education, as well), including art, nature walks, food and dance movement instruction.
  • Explore science at the Battle Point Observatory every second Saturday. Topics changing monthly, and kids get to learn science and take a fun activity home with them to reinforce their learning. Free, with a suggested donation.
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