Low Crime

You’ll feel a strong sense of safety on Bainbridge Island, whether you are visiting or living here. That’s due in large part to our low crime rate.

The overall island crime rate is less than half the national average, and the violent crime rate, specifically, is about one third the national average.

Bainbridge Island Crime Data from city-data.com
Bainbridge Island Crime Data from city-data.com

If you spend time alone, you can relax on the island compared to the stress and worries of life in a big city. This sense of safety can be an important factor for those islanders in the community who may be home caring for young children or elderly relatives.

In fact, one source of entertainment is often the weekly listings in the island’s Police Blotter. Wandering chickens, an accidental drive on a golf course and a spat between spouses involving a mug of cocoa being thrown, these are the level of problems we islanders generally face.

While we don’t advocate keeping your front door unlocked (some do anyway!), our low crime rate will leave you with one less thing to worry about in life and more time to relax at home.

And don’t we all need that?