Local Foods

Eating local was never easier than on Bainbridge. We have farmers, local cuisine-inspired restaurants, CSAs, community p-patches and countless private gardens.

Bainbridge Island Farmers' Market
Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market

Do you have a brown thumb? Don’t despair. The island has an amazing outdoor farmers market for seven months of the year (and it even goes indoors for several more months in the winter) for those un-farmerly types. You’ll find fresh chicken and duck eggs, loads of greens, root vegetables, berries and during mid- to late summer, that juiciest of produce – tomatoes, in all sizes and colors.

Our farmers are friendly, too. Don’t know what kohlrabi or garlic scape is or even what to do with it? Just ask. You’ll probably get an email of their favorite recipes by the day’s end and be on your way to healthier, flavorful eating. Local farms also open up U-pick areas, too, so the whole family can participate in discovering where our sumptuous berries come from.

Commuting and don’t have time for farms, gardening or picking? Keep an eye out for the seasonal farmer stand at the Bainbridge ferry terminal and grab a quick, pre-packed bag of local produce on your way home.

For those times you just need someone else to cook for you, you’ll have decisions to make! Northwest cuisine, Thai, Mexican, burgers, Indian, sushi, deli or a vegetarian noodle salad to go, just to name a few.

We have award-winning chefs making unforgettable dishes on Bainbridge. And it’s not just locals gobbling it up. Seattle visitors head to Bainbridge to sample our delicious restaurants as day trips on their vacation. One of our newest, Hitchcock, was listed in 2011 as one of the 10 best new Seattle restaurants by Seattle Magazine for its tantalizing European interpretations of Pacific Northwest cuisine.

Bainbridge Island latte
Bainbridge Island Lattes

We’ve got you covered for beverages, too, for first thing in the morning and at happy hour. Local island businesses include an organic distillery, a micro brewery, several award-winning wineries and a local coffee roaster.

As you can see, the island has a wealth of food knowledge. Read our local foodie experts’ holiday meal ideas here.

But don’t forget dessert! People can’t stop talking about our local ice cream shop, Mora Iced Creamery. It’s a rich, small batch style of ice cream, full of intense flavors, natural ingredients and seasonal choices. It’s dreamy.

Looking for a lighter option for dessert? The island now has two frozen yogurt businesses, too. With those choices and our numerous local bakeries (complete with gluten-free and vegan options), you are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth on Bainbridge!