Good Dog! // We Sit and Stay With Two Local Dog Trainers

By Cindy Jones

Steven Kessler // The Brooklyn Dog Whisperer
I help owners understand the pivotal role that pecking order plays in the relationship between them and their dogs. I train in a hybrid style that incorporates the best aspects of all training methods while eliminating the weaknesses. Once we understand the root cause of a behavior, I can then help my clients communicate appropriately to their dogs. Dogs live in a pecking-order society and require leadership. The energy we project is the single most important form of communication we have with our dogs. Dogs naturally follow ‘calm confident’ energy. We must be stable, balanced, relaxed and in control when communicating with our best buddies!

Judith Bell // Beaujes Dog Training
Form a solid relationship with your dog. Teach dogs what you want and motivate them to do it consistently, but also learn what they need from you to live a happy life. I strive to teach compassion and focus on non-violent methods of training. My methods are based on the scientific principles of learning theory that are both effective and humane. Most dogs don’t misbehave because they’re trying to be dominant, but because owners inadvertently reward bad behavior. Any behavior you reinforce will be repeated, including the bad ones. The most important goal in training a dog is to reinforce the behaviors you want them to repeat. Give them basic guidelines to live by and teach them they will get what they want only when they are patient and polite.

Good Dog! // We Sit and Stay With Two Local Dog Trainers

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