Environmental Stewardship

Bainbridge Islanders love their home, and they join together to take action and protect this precious resource.

Here is just a sample of this passion:

Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island
  • Bainbridge Island Land Trust – a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting and preserving the island’s natural landscape by acquiring interests in land having  significant conservation value, such as scenic vistas, wetlands,forest, unique plant and animal habitats and stream corridors.
  • Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation – a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the island’s parks and recreational facilities and expanding opportunities for all to participate in recreational, athletic and cultural programs.
  • Friends of the Farms – by advocating local farming, this group hopes to preserve valuable island history, encourage a resilient local economy, protect natural beauty and provide healthy food for our community.
  • IslandWood – a unique 255-acre outdoor learning center designed to provide exceptional educational experiences for children and adults and inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship.
  • Puget Sound Restoration Fund – PSRF is dedicated exclusively to restoring marine habitat, water quality and native species in Puget Sound by working collaboratively with industry, tribes, government agencies, private landowners and community groups.
  • West Sound Wildlife Shelter – a specialized wild animal clinic providing injured, orphaned, and sick animals a second chance at life and promoting the well-being of wildlife through public outreach, education, and involvement.