Fades and Blades // Bainbridge Island’s Barber Shops

By Wendy Wallace

Bainbridge may be host to waves of big-city style growth, but when it’s time for a haircut, islanders and visitors alike can still find a dose of small-town charm at the island’s barbershops. Choose from three different establishments—Sandy’s, Cuts Above or Chuck’s—where customers can get a quality trim as well as quality time with a local barber. Together, Bainbridge’s barbers have more than a combined half-century of hair cutting experience.

Take a seat in a historic 1910 building at Cuts Above on Winslow Way or in a newer chair at Chuck’s Barber Shop after shopping at Safeway. Anna Boccio, owner of Cuts Above, has seen many folks come and go on Bainbridge during her 23 years of cutting hair here. More than once, she’s given a boy his first haircut, cut his hair as he grew up and went off to school, and then later cut his kids’ hair after he returned to start a family.

Chuck Stearns’ experience spans four and a half decades. He might seem reticent when you first meet him, but once he starts snipping, he’ll gladly chat about his love of motorcycles (he owns a Harley-Davidson) and sports cars (he owns a 2016 Corvette).

Sandy’s owner, Mike Rogers, has expanded his reputation be- yond haircuts and into Halloween. As a joke he started offering raw string beans to trick-or-treaters during the annual Halloween street event. “I do it for the reaction,” said Rogers. After several years, confused looks have morphed into excited anticipation for produce. And not just on holidays, Rogers feels a part of families island-wide. “I tell the parents, you think these are your kids, but they’re not,” said Rogers. “They’re really mine.”

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