What’s With the Frog Sculptures on the Island?

By Wendy Wallace

This summer you may have noticed the appearance of a large frog population leaping around the island. That’s because the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association officially launched Frogs on the Rock, a fundraiser and community art project highlighting local artists.

“We chose frogs because they hit home as an iconic community symbol on the island,” said Andie Mackin, executive director of BIDA.

In April, 36 frogs—20 inches tall and weighing 45 pounds each—arrived at our farmers’ market by flatbed truck from Icon Poly in Gibbon, Neb. Sponsored by various local businesses and organizations to decorate the frogs, artists had no restrictions on their work, except weather resistance. Decorated frogs debuted in the Grand Old Fourth of July parade and have been placed around the island and at Seattle’s Colman Dock ferry terminal.

BIDA chose this fundraiser because it begins as a community-based art project where local artists individually express themselves. “It really blew my mind how many different interpretations there were,” Mackin said. In early fall 2014, the frogs will be auctioned off at a special public event as a fundraiser for BIDA.

Frog hunters can hop online to view the map at frogsontherock.org (be forewarned, Puget Sound Energy’s frog is “migratory”). Happy hopping!

What’s With the Frog Sculptures on the Island?