What’s There to Do on Bainbridge Island?

When you live on an idyllic island in the Pacific Northwest, you can expect lots of visitors.

Even the ferry ride is a tourist attraction, given the stunning view of Mount Rainier from the port side of the boat. Still, the beautiful crossing is just the start.

What's There to Do on Bainbridge Island?Β What to do on Bainbridge Island? Start with a Ferry!

Whether your out-of-town company is devoted to healthy exercise, fine food, local art or natural beauty, one of BainbridgeIsland.com’s specially designed itineraries is sure to make their visit a memorable one. These one-day visits highlight the tried-and-true favorites that locals know and love.

Plus, the bonus of living on a small island is proximity β€” it’s easy to mix and match restaurants from one itinerary with galleries from another, and never even leave Winslow Way. So the next time a houseguest asks what to do, just hand them this article.

And don’t expect them back ’til dark.

Bainbridge Island Itineraries