The Magnificent Blue Heron Rookery on Bainbridge Island

The Great Blue Herons are a familiar sight on Bainbridge Island, sharing their habitat with the majestic eagles, their archenemies.

While not as abundant as gulls and other recognizable shore birds like Canadian Geese and Mallards, the herons have established a remarkable presence on the island.

What sets the herons apart is their nesting behavior.

Starting in the spring, they build their nests high up in the trees near the shore, where they remain for several months.

One particular rookery of Great Blue Herons has thrived for several years on Lovell Ave. SW in Downtown Winslow, nestled between Winslow Way and Parfitt Way SW.

Directions to the Blue Heron Rookery on Bainbridge Island

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During a recent visit to the rookery, we were astounded to count over 30 nests. These nests are perched in a stand of tall maples, nestled between two homes on Lovell Ave. (Circled in yellow in the picture below.)

Heron preparing to take flight from the Bainbridge Island rookery on Lovell Ave

To catch a glimpse of the parents and their young ones, one must crane their neck upward. However, the melodious cackling of the herons resonates through the air, creating a symphony of nature’s work. Witnessing this spectacle is truly a magnificent experience for both the eyes and ears.

Bring your binoculars.

And don’t stand directly underneath the nests. That “white powder” on the bushes below the nests is exactly what you think it is.

What Powder Under Blue Heron Rookery on Bainbridge Island, It's Bird Poo!