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How Much Does Real Estate Cost on Bainbridge Island?

Here are the latest numbers for Bainbridge Island real estate sales in 2012:

  • Average single family house price: $634,800
  • Median single family house price: $524,650
  • Average waterfront home: $950,000
  • Average condominium price: $293,583
  • Average waterfront condominium: $380,900
How Much Does Real Estate Cost on Bainbridge Island?
How Much Does Real Estate Cost on Bainbridge Island?

You’ll find that in general Bainbridge prices are more competitive compared to Seattle’s similar Eastside neighborhoods (e.g., Bellevue, Mercer Island, etc.). For example, the average island waterfront home price equaled $349 per square foot, as compared to $656 per square foot for comparable Eastside properties. Better prices and better lifestyle!

While our housing sale numbers have been rising since 2008, the total inventory of homes for sale remains somewhat limited. We are an island, after all. Many buyers must make fairly quick decisions to get the house they want. Some newcomers choose to rent for awhile, get the benefits of island living while eyeing the real estate market and then buy when a home comes on the market that fits their needs.

If “going green” is a priority, the island has a brand new subdivision in Winslow called the Grow Community. Currently in the midst of construction, this neighborhood will have solar-powered single family townhouses, duplexes and apartment-style living all rolled into a “community” feel with a group garden area, shared bicycles and an electric car, among many other environmentally sustainable features. You can read more about the Grow Community in Bainbridge Island Magazine‘s Winter 2012 edition.

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