How Many Houses Are on Bainbridge Island’s Shoreline?

How many houses are on Bainbridge Island's shoreline?
Bainbridge Island waterfront homes, Hidden Cove area

Bainbridge Island’s shoreline runs for 53 miles in total and has approximately 1,800 parcels of land abutting the water’s edge. 500 additional properties fall within what’s considered under state law as the “shoreline jurisdiction,” close to the water but not directly adjacent to it.

  • Of those 1,800 waterfront parcels, about 1,600 hold a development of some kind, mostly single family homes and condominiums.
  • About 30% of the island’s 20,000 population reside in homes directly on the shoreline with the remaining 70% of residents living in “upland” areas of the island.
  • Of the 53 miles of coast, approximately 4% falls within a “park” or “island conservancy” designation, meaning a type of open space including defined parks, city-owned open spaces, road-end accesses and other non-development uses.

Bainbridge Island has allowed housing development on the majority of its shoreline on Puget Sound which gives home buyers a beautiful selection of waterfront residences to make this charming island your home.