Do Babies Born on the Ferry Get Free Rides for Life?

When you live on an island, it’s bound to happen. On November 29, 2012, two weeks before she was expected, Melissa and Joe McRitchie’s baby girl Lucy was born aboard the ferry Tacoma. Perhaps you’ve heard the rumor that anyone born on a Washington State Ferry has a free pass for life. Not so, says Joy Goldenberg, communications manager for the ferries division of the Washington State Department of Transportation. However, the captain is able to speed up the ferry for a medical emergency.

Another distinguishing characteristic of a ferry birth is found on the baby’s birth certificate. Where most birth certificates list a hospital in the “facility” field, Lucy’s reads: “in route.” The place of birth is listed as Seattle, King County, Washington, since that’s the location of the hospital she went to when she arrived on the other side of the Sound.

Melissa says Lucy is a great sleeper and eater. As the picture attests, she’s also a beauty with a sweet disposition. Big sister Ella is very proud and excited.

Do Babies Born on the Ferry Get Free Rides for Life