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Andrea and Thomas Chymiys

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“At the same time, we started to talk to Jeb and Belinda Thornburg at Indigo [Architecture & Interiors] about the type of house we wanted for ourselves,” said Andrea. Their vision coalesced into an industrial farmhouse of sorts. “So sometime in late 2015 we said, ‘All right, we want to do it, we’re ready.’”

“That’s when Jeb and Belinda introduced us to Clark Construction,” Thomas said. “From the start, Indigo and Clark were aligned on the kind of the style and aesthetic that we were looking for. They were great in terms of collaborating and figuring things out together.”

The home’s construction ran like clockwork. It took 13 months from the time they broke ground in late July of 2016 until the house was ready for move-in the first week of September the following year.

For years the Chymiys had worked with realtor Dennis Paige of Realogics Sotheby’s, whom they credit with listing their home with near-perfect timing for a sale that would coincide with their new home’s completion. While the house was being built, they also relocated the cabin slightly to the southwest and poured a foundation for it to sit upon, extending its useful life by decades.

Although their new home is only a couple of years old, the Chymiys credit the collective efforts of Indigo, Clark Construction and landscape architect Catherine (Kia) Micaud with helping it to fit into the neighborhood. “We wanted a modern home but you don’t want it to look weird,” said Thomas. “We didn’t want it to look like this shiny brand-new thing, so we tried to make it look like it’s been here a long time.” Elements such as the metal roof that was designed to rust, and the board and batten cedar siding that was finished to appear naturally faded, a bit silver, helped the home look settled. Micaud coordinated the landscaping installation so that when the Chymiys moved in, the house already felt established.

The house sits on the west side of Falk, and its horseshoe driveway skirts past the side-entry garage. The garage has an upper level studio and a deck that expands the home’s livable space when needed. The garage also provides a smart buffer between the road and the house which was set fairly close to Falk to preserve the bulk of the open pasture.

From the garage, offset concrete slabs lead the way to a bright red front door. Just inside is an office with a hefty barn door that can be pulled shut for privacy—though Westly voluntarily demonstrated how easily it slides open with a gentle nudge of the muzzle, should he want to visit whoever is working inside.

A little beyond the entry is the body of the home. The abundant south-facing windows look onto the wraparound deck and out to the water and beyond. Along the backside of the great room is a substantial stone and blackened steel fireplace with a reclaimed wood beam for a mantle. The floors are wide-plank white oak with a custom stain and finish from Salisbury Woodworks. The ceiling is exposed wood and beams, which lends an industrial, loft-like feel. 

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