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In what ways are the arts integral to community?

Arts in general are a cornerstone of not just community but of civilization. The arts allow people with different outlooks and experiences to gather and share something through a common lens. Art doesn’t shape our perspective, but rather opens it. Through this opening, we learn compassion and empathy, and these are the unquantifiable characteristics that make successful, thriving communities.

In what ways do you and your family incorporate art and expression into daily life?

My husband grew up in the theater, my daughter is a performer, and while my son prefers to be backstage, we are constantly weaving creativity into all we do and how we see the world. Whenever we go on vacation, we take wacky family photos, complete with costumes and props. No matter the landscape, art always paints the color into it.

What are you most excited about regarding the future of BPA?

I’m excited to go back to producing again! If there’s a silver lining to recent events, it’s that what is most important to this community is being brightly defined for us. Additionally, I’m excited about changes our facility is likely to undergo in the future, and about ways we can engage, serve and inspire. There’s no telling what measure of that will be needed as we come out of the pandemic. BPA is prepared to do what it takes to provide cultural sustenance for this and future generations.from

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