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How many homes are on the market on Bainbridge Island?

Not surprisingly, the average number of single family houses for sale each year on Bainbridge Island is relatively low compared to larger cities.

2012 inventory was especially low at 149 listed single family homes. Of that number, 49 homes at that time were “under contract”, leaving only 100 truly available homes for new buyers.

More typical over the past five years, inventory perched closer to 200 houses (from 186 to 207 listings) on the market for the year’s total.

Given the island’s housing numbers, many newcomers may opt to do one of the following: 1) keep tabs on the market from their current home and plan to jump quickly on attractive listings as they appear, or 2) choose to rent a home on the island as they continue to closely watch the real estate market, ready to buy that special home when it is listed.

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