Bainbridge Island Geography

Located just a short 35 minute ferry ride away from Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Washington has all the luxuries of a big city but remains the quintessential, small seaside village. At only five miles wide and ten miles long, this little island packs a large punch with its interesting beginnings and its unique geography.

Bainbridge is positioned in the chilly Puget Sound just off the coast of the Kitsap Peninsula and West of Seattle. Bainbridge Island geography is unique as it was created during the last ice age when a giant glacier pushed its way through the basin. This rough beginning gave the island its 53 miles of rugged shoreline with a variety of landforms including deltas, tidal flats, bluffs, inlets, dunes and more natural wonders that are just begging to be explored. Both the north and south ends of the island are bordered by tidal straits, known as the Rich and Agate Passages, with the Agate Passage having a bridge that connects Bainbridge to the Kitsap Penninsula.

Island residents value their environment and work to preserve their Bainbridge Island geography. Well-loved destinations are Eagle Harbor (the islands main port), Murden Cove (famous for large sand and mud flats), Fort Ward Park and Skiff Point. Everyone in Bainbridge can enjoy spectacular views of the bays with the snow-topped Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainer set in the background. The proximity to the mountains makes this a hilly island which draws in hundreds of bicyclists each year for its challenging courses.

Bainbridge Island geography has physical features that complement a variety of outdoor activities. Starting with the Waterfront Park, located right on the banks of the harbor, visitors and residents can experience a peaceful walk down the water’s edge getting their first glimpse of the island’s beauty. Inland, people enjoy walking and hiking through local gardens, on beaches and through forest trails. Those who like to spend time on the water can kayak or boat from one of the islands many boat launching areas. The city is proud of the Bainbridge Island geography and promotes active lifestyles by encouraging drivers to share the road and by offering maps that highlight the island’s best locations for walking, cycling and paddling.

Bainbridge Island geography and natural environment is unique, beautiful and well-preserved by the residents. Visitors to Washington will find it worthwhile to take the trip to this charming island and take pleasure in all the local wonders.