Artist’s Walkthrough with Carl Morgan

Artist’s Walkthrough with Carl Morgan

Event Date(s): Jul 13, 2019

Event Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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Carl Morgan will talk about his kinetic sculptures. From Carl:

“First, why I make them, in accordance with my artist’s statement. Basically, it’s a celebration of Mother Nature’s recipe book for the physical world (what we call physics), and the math that allows us humans to make sense of it. Applying her recipe book over the centuries, we humans have cooked up our technological civilization. In these sculptures, I want to salute her principles for their own beauty, beyond the practical. Physics and math can have their whimsical side, too!

Second, I’d like to share some process: The things that go into conceiving a project and then making it into something real that moves as intended. While Sir Issac Newton laid down the serious math of Newtonian physics, in “Nearly Newtonian” I want to share the engineering approximations, accidental discoveries, and sometimes pure whimsy that go into making real things that work.”


Bainbridge Arts and Crafts

151 Winslow Way E
Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110
United States

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