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Rolling Bay

47.664806, -122.510361

Rollingbay, (no space between Rolling and Bay) is actually not a community, but a post office in the community of Rolling Bay on Bainbridge Island. The post office was renamed The Bud Hawk Post Office on February 26, 2010. Bud Hawk grew-up in Rolling Bay, roaming its woods as a kid, 80 years ago. He became a decorated World War II veteran, earning the Medal of Honor and four Purple Hearts while fighting in Europe as a U.S. Army machine-gunner. After the war, he was a longtime Kitsap County educator.

Rolling Bay (space between Rolling and Bay) is a community of Bainbridge Island, Washington. It is located on the eastern side of the island, slightly northward. Rolling Bay consists of a number of stores (including Bay Hay & Feed, Rolling Bay Automotive, Rolling Bay Cafe, Rolling Bay Market, the Bud Hawk Post Office) at the intersection of Sunrise Drive NE and NE Valley Road. Rollingbay post office serves nearby the Sunrise area, North Madison, and the Manitou Beach area. Most of Rolling Bay is not on the water. Among the waterfront areas near Rolling Bay is Manitou Beach, although referring to this area as Rolling Bay is also considered acceptable.

Like most of Bainbridge Island, Rolling Bay is a relatively affluent community with a primarily residential slant.
The ZIP code 98061 only serves post office boxes at the Rollingbay post office. The whole of Bainbridge Island uses the zip code 98110



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